If you are tired of dealing with a dripping or faulty kitchen faucet and lack the funds needed to hire a professional plumber, you may be thinking of tackling a kitchen faucet replacement yourself. And if that is the case, you are probably wondering about the scope of this plumbing project more importantly, how long it takes to replace. So,

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Kitchen Faucet?

It should take about 1 hour to replace a kitchen faucet. Handy individuals can probably cut that time down to around 30 minutes, while less experienced folk may need an extra hour or so to complete a faucet installation or replacement.

Replacing your kitchen faucet is one of the simplest and most convenient DIY projects that a homeowner can do on their own. It will also save you money on labor costs, and give you the satisfaction of knowing that you were capable of that and much more.

What You Will Need To Replace Your Kitchen Faucet

Before you replace your kitchen faucet you should gather the tools and materials you need for the job. Being prepared will ensure that you can finish the project quickly (around the 1-hour mark mentioned above).

Keep in mind that unnecessary delays when replacing such an essential fixture of your home can turn into a considerable inconvenience.

Here is the list of tools and materials that you may need: 


  • Adjustable wrench
  • Basin wrench (mandatory for tight spaces such as underneath a kitchen sink)
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver 
What You Will Need To Replace Your Kitchen Faucet


  • New replacement faucet
  • Mounting hardware
  • Plumber’s putty
  • Water supply lines
  • Teflon tape

With that in mind, here is

A General Step-By-Step Guide To Replacing Your Kitchen Faucet

  1. Turn off your hot and cold water supply at the shut-off valve located under your kitchen sink. You may also choose to turn off the water to the entire house by closing the main shut-off valve, which is typically located near your water meter. Failure to do this will result in a messy kitchen, to say the least.
  2. Disconnect all of the supply lines that lead into the old faucet. Next, using either the adjustable wrench or the basin wrench, loosen the mounting and securing nuts that secure the old faucet to the kitchen sink basin, and remove the old faucet fixture by carefully lifting it out of the kitchen sink.
Step-By-Step Guide To Replacing Your Kitchen Faucet

Pro-Tip: it is a good idea to line the interior of the cabinet with clean, dry towels to catch any spillage from residual water found in the water lines. Additionally, if you run into nuts or screws that are stuck in place, you may use a bit of penetrating oil to make them easier to remove.

  1. Now, with every piece of the old faucet gone, you will need to carefully install the new faucet’s mounting hardware. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results. Then, gently place the new faucet in place, making sure to avoid scratching or chipping your sink basin. Tighten the mounting nuts, and connect the water lines to the new fixture. Make sure that you use the plumber’s tape to create a watertight seal when connecting the water lines, and the plumber’s putty to seal around the new faucet.
  2. Finally, turn the water supply back on and make sure there are no leaks.

Generally speaking, replacing your old kitchen faucet with a shiny new one is not difficult and can typically be completed in about 1 hour from start to finish.

Even if you don’t have any experience with DIY projects, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and do a bit of research beforehand to ensure that you understand every step of the job, you can complete the faucet replacement rather quickly and at a low cost.

Speaking of cost

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Kitchen Faucet?

Replacing a kitchen faucet will cost you anywhere between $50 to $500 or more. The only real variable is the type of faucet you choose. They can get pricy and the total cost of the project will be dependent on this.

Nevertheless, by skipping the plumber to replace your kitchen faucet and doing it yourself you save a ton of money on labor costs since most plumbers charge anywhere between $100 to $200 per hour, plus a minimum service fee.

Anyway you look at it, replacing an old kitchen faucet yourself is a great idea.