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How To Clean Between Stove And Counter

The crack between your stove and kitchen counter is one of the most notoriously hard spots to clean in the entire house. The fact that this gap isn’t easy to clean is further compounded by the fact that it gets dirtier and dirtier every day through sheer use.

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Can You Use Scrub Daddy On A Glass Top Stove?

I hate the tiring rubbing and irritating scrubbing, I hate getting soapy spuds all over the place, and I really hate how pruney my fingers get. This is why I’m an absolute sucker for every type of product that makes the seemingly endless task of kitchen cleaning easier.

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Shiny Clean Kitchen

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Shiny Clean Kitchen

Cleaning used to be a chore, but now it doesn’t have to be!

My name is Shaun. I designed this blog to take some of the hassle away from figuring out how to clean your kitchen the right way.

You can get your kitchen shiny and clean in no time with these tips & hacks.

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