The range hood in your kitchen can be a real chore. This essential part of your kitchen contains a mechanical fan that helps to remove airborne grease, smoke, heat, and steam while you are hard at work making dinner. Over time, range hoods can see some serious grease buildup.

If you haven’t paid attention to your range hood in the last few months (or years!), you might be in need of the best degreaser for a range hood.

Finding the right cleaner can be a real task. Every company has products that they market as strong and effective against grease. But how do you know which ones are the right ones for your range hood?

Take a look at these top five degreasers for your range hood and then learn how you can prevent some of the damage in the first place!

Top 5 Best Degreasers for a Range Hood

It can be overwhelming to browse through the aisles of your local shopping center in search of the right cleaner. In fact, they may not even carry the strong degreasers that you need for your range hood. Without ever leaving the comfort of your home, here are the top five best degreasers for a range hood that you can order online on Amazon.

1. Zep Foaming Degreaser and Cleaner

Zep Heavy-Duty Oven and Grill Cleaner

Do you have a lot of heavy buildup on your range hood from years of cooking? Many homeowners find that they need something a little stronger than your run-of-the-mill residential range hood cleaner. That’s why so many people turn to the Zep Foam Degreaser and Cleaner (on Amazon). It is a restaurant-grade degreaser so it is certain to be able to cut through the grease buildup in your kitchen.

One of the most appealing parts of using this foam cleaner is its unique and easy application. The foam easily clings to all vertical surfaces instead of running down the metal. This allows it to truly grip the greasiest messes and dissolve them. You can even allow it to soak for a few minutes before wiping it clean, if necessary.

This cleaner is tough on oil, grease, adhesive, and any other kind of kitchen mess you can think of. You can use it on all of your appliances, the exterior of your grill, the stovetop, concrete, and of course, your range hood.

However, it is too strong for use on:

  • Glass
  • Acrylic glass
  • Plastics
  • Auto paint
  • Leather
  • Natural stone

When you order this product, it comes in a convenient two-pack that should last you for a while. It is an extremely affordable solution when you consider that it is one of the best degreasers for a range hood.

2. Krud Kutter All-Purpose Cleaner

Krud Kutter 305373 Kitchen Degreaser All-Purpose Cleaner

Some homeowners want one simple solution for all of their cleaning problems. If you want one of the top contenders for the best degreaser for a range hood and a great all-purpose cleaner, the Krud Kutter cleaner is probably right for you. It is tough on grease and grime that build up on your range hood and stovetop, but it can also be used in other areas of the home.

Unlike the Zep cleaner, Krud Kutter is safe on almost all surfaces of your home. You can use it on your countertops, cabinets, and even the walls. Even areas where you perform food prep can safely be cleaned with this product.

You might be wondering if this type of strong chemical cleaner is safe. Fortunately, it is considered to be an environmentally friendly cleaner. It is EPA Safer Choice certified and proven to be safe for people, their pets, and the planet as a whole. Homeowners can rest easy knowing that they are doing their part for the environment with this tough yet gentle cleaner.

If the fragrances associated with some of the stronger cleaners bother you, you will be happy to learn that Krud Kutter is also fragrance-free.

3. Clorox Professional Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser Concentrate

Clorox Commercial Solutions Professional Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser Concentrate

Everyone is familiar with the household name brand found in Clorox products. Most people associate this brand with bleach or the handy disinfecting wipes that they manufacture, but you might be surprised to know that they also make an excellent degreaser that is perfect for cleaning your range hood.

This particular bottle is exceptionally strong and can quickly remove grease from most areas in your kitchen. This product is excellent for all types of surfaces including:

  • Countertops
  • Range hoods
  • Appliances
  • Tile
  • Stainless steel

Keep in mind that this cleaner is only sold in a large 128-ounce concentrated refill bottle. You will have to purchase a separate spray bottle to dilute the cleaner and apply it to your range hood. Alternatively, you could soak a microfiber cloth in this cleaner, wring it out, and then buff the cleaner into your range hood for effective results.

When properly diluted, this concentrated bottle creates 32 gallons of effective degreaser. It is an extremely affordable option when you consider how long this single bottle should last.

4. Stanley Home Products Degreaser Concentrate

STANLEY HOME PRODUCTS Degreaser Concentrate Removes Stubborn Grease & Grime Multipurpose Cleaner for Home & Commercial Use

Much like the Zep cleaner, Stanley Home Products Degreaser Concentrate promises commercial-strength cleaning abilities for your home. In just seconds, this type of degreaser can quickly cut through the grime on your range hood to leave your metal looking like new again. Their new formula promises to be twice as powerful as the old.

This product is another great multi-purpose cleaner because it is safe on your cookware, grill, dishes, woodwork, countertops, broilers, laundry, equipment, and all of your tools. It seems that there is nothing that this product cannot potentially clean effectively.

Similar to the Clorox product, one bottle of this Stanley Degreaser creates 64 gallons of cleaner that you can apply to your range hood. It should last you quite a long time, making this a great investment in your kitchen. It is slightly more expensive than the Clorox version but not by much.

5. Weiman Gas Range Cleaner and Degreaser

Weiman Gas Range Cleaner and Degreaser

Weiman is another major household name that is well-recognized for its ability to cut through tough messes with ease. With their Gas Range Cleaner and Degreaser, you can easily cut through the buildup on your stovetop and your range hood with just a few spritzes. Simply spray the affected areas, allow them to soak for a few minutes, and then wipe them clean.

Without the need for scrubbing, Weiman promises that you can wipe away all kinds of soil, film, residue, rust, and even water spots.

This effective formula is great for use beyond the kitchen as well. Many homeowners find it helpful for cleaning limescale, soap scum and rust out of their shower doors, bathtubs, spas, pools, vanities, and sinks. Some people even use it on their fiberglass boats or RVs.

The benefit of this cleaner is that it is non-abrasive so it does not jeopardize the finish on any surface that you scrub. Instead, it can restore natural color and texture.

Perhaps best of all, the Weiman Gas Range Cleaner and Degreaser is one of the most affordable options on this ranking of the best degreasers for a range hood. For just a few dollars, you can achieve a more beautiful and sparkling kitchen!

How to Clean a Greasy Range Hood – 3 Steps

The truth is that there is no real way to prevent your range hood from becoming dirty. It is uniquely designed to absorb that airborne grease from frying your favorite foods and to suck up that smoke from when you burnt last night’s dinner. A greasy and dirty range hood is just the sign of a well-loved kitchen.

However, you do need to know how to go about cleaning it properly.

Most people find that cleaning their range hood is significantly easier than they thought. There are only three main steps to the process. All you need is one of the five cleaners listed above, a few microfiber cloths or paper towels, and a scrub brush. Let’s get started!

1. Wipe Down the Outside of the Range Hood

The outside of your range hood probably looks way worse than the other parts of it. This is because the exterior is such a huge design element in most kitchens. It collects a lot of dust and grease over time. The first and easiest step to clean your range hood is to wipe down the outside using a degreaser.

Be sure to test the cleaner in a small corner of your range hood before you spray down the whole thing. This ensures that the powerful cleaner does not damage the finish of your hood.

Once you have tested this, spray down the outside of your range hood with your degreaser liberally. Using paper towels or thick rags, you can begin to wipe down the outside and take the dust and grime away with you. It should only take a few minutes for the degreaser to loosen up the buildup. However, you may have to do this several times to get it completely clean.

2. Clean Under the Hood

Clean Under the Range Hood

This is a bit more complicated to clean, but it is not impossible. Most people find that it requires a bit more elbow grease to clear away the stains that build up near where the vent is installed. You may find that the whole thing is nothing more than a blackened surface.

Cleaning at this angle can be a little awkward, so be careful that no cleaner drips onto your face or eyes.

Using the same degreaser you used in step one, spray under the hood and scrub hard using your scrub brush. You may need to let it soak for fifteen to thirty minutes to loosen the particles completely.

When you finish, wipe it down thoroughly with more clean rags or paper towels. Use a multipurpose cleaning spray to clean it thoroughly one more time and ensure that you have cleared away all of the degreasers.

3. Clean the Range Hood Filter

Are you ready to get a little messy? Cleaning the filter is usually the worst part of cleaning the range hood. Some cleaning professionals recommend that you put on gloves if you are worried about the grease getting all over your skin. Wear old clothes so that nothing will splatter and ruin your attire.

First, remove the filter from the range hood. Consult your owner’s manual, but most models have a metal loop that allows you to pull it off of the range hood to wash. Put it in the sink with water that is as hot as you can stand to touch. You may also pour a little bit of degreaser or dish soap into the water.

Let the filter soak for a half-hour or so. This should be enough time to loosen up all of that grease. You may have to refill the sink multiple times until you can get the filter as clean as possible. Particularly if you have never cleaned this filter, you may find it necessary to empty the sink about halfway through. Refill it with fresh water and cleaner as needed.

Last but not least, feel free to scrub your filter. While you do need to take caution not to damage the filter, you can still scrub hard. Continue to rinse away the debris as it loosens. You may find that you have to refill the sink or use a different bowl in a divided sink to get the filter clean.

Finding the Best Degreaser for a Range Hood

Cleaning your range hood may not be something that you do weekly, but it should make it onto your priority list. The process of cleaning your range hood can be broken into three simple parts. Tackle them over several days or all at once. However, the most important thing is to find the right cleaner to get rid of that grime and grease buildup.

With a little help, these degreasers are powerful allies that can help you get your kitchen in shape!


What is the best cleaner to degrease a range hood?

A store-bought cleaner specifically designed for degreasing is the best product to use for cleaning your range hood. Krud Kutter, Clorox, and Zep all make wonderful products that can help.

What is the best homemade degreaser for your range hood?

You may use baking soda or vinegar to clean your range hood, but it may not be as effective as a store-bought cleaner.

How do you clean the filter on a range hood?

First, you need to remove the filter and place it in a sink filled with hot water and a splash of soap. Allow it to soak for thirty minutes and then scrub clean. Dry the filter and replace it in the range hood.

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