Dawn dish soap is a highly popular and reliable soap product that effectively cuts through grease and grime to leave dishes squeaky clean.

Norwex towels are made out of highly absorbent ultra-fine microfiber, known for consistently trapping dirt, dust, and even bacteria when used around the home.

These two products are some of the best that the cleaning industry has to offer, so it only makes sense to put them together, but

Can You Use Dawn Dish Soap With A Norwex Towel?

Yes, you can definitely use Dawn dish soap with a Norwex towel. Dawn dish soap is one of the gentler options in the dish soap market. However, most experts agree that using Dawn dish liquid with your Norwex microfiber cloth is completely unnecessary.

Norwex cloths are made out of cutting-edge highly absorbent ultra-fine microfiber. Norwex Microfiber tech is able to thoroughly grab and trap dirt and grime, and can even remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface using ONLY water. This is done to reduce the need for chemical cleaning as provided by Dawn dish soap and other similar products. And, for the most part, Norwex products are very effective at this goal.

That being said, using a bit of Dawn dish soap may prove useful in certain use cases, such as when you need to remove a large number of oils or fat. As long as you follow instructions for both products, you should experience no adverse results.

So, you don’t really need to use Dawn dish soap with Norwex towels to clean. But, what about cleaning your Norwex towels? After all, repeated use will dirty them up just like any other towel out there.

A clean Norwex microfiber cloth

How Do I Clean And Care For A Norwex Towel?

Norwex kitchen cloths are made with cutting-edge, high-tech microfiber material and, as such, require a bit of special care to make sure they remain effective for a long time.

Here is how you clean a Norwex towel:

  • If your Norwex towel is slightly dirty, you can hand wash it with Norwex Dishwashing liquid under warm running water, making sure to rinse completely before letting it air dry. Norwex dishwashing liquid is safe to use on your Norwex towels because it contains no additives or filler chemicals.
  • If your Norwex towel is heavily soiled, you should machine launder it using Norwex Laundry Detergent. Before putting your towel in the washing machine, you may pre-treat your Norwex towel with a microfiber-safe stain remover to get rid of unsightly stains.
  • You should never use bleach or fabric softeners when washing your Norwex microfiber towel. If used, these products have the potential to damage the tiny fibers that provide your Norwex towel with its beneficial properties and, thus, reduce its efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Finally, for best results, you may use our rubber brush to prevent dirt from accumulating on the towel’s surface area between washings
  • Hang To Dry.

Here is a list of Never-Do’s and things to avoid when taking care of your Norwex towel:

  • Never wash your Norwex towel with other lint-producing items such as cotton towels
  • Never wash your Norwex towel in boiling water
  • Never wash your Norwex towel with dye-containing detergents
  • Never machine-dry your Norwex towel
  • Never iron your Norwex towel
  • Never use your Norwex towel on anti-glare surfaces

If you follow these recommendations, your Norwex towel will last a very long time and maintain its impressive cleaning properties throughout its entire lifetime.