Many people are scared and confused about how the surface will be to clean and care for and how easily it can scratch. The good news is that matte black faucets are easy to clean, and you can keep them in top condition with just a few simple tips.

How is Cleaning Matte Black Faucet Different Than Other Types of Faucets?

A matte black faucet has a different finish than a regular standard kitchen tap, and it is not just about the color. Unlike their other fixtures, matte black faucets are designed to provide a completely black look. Instead of reflecting light, they absorb light, giving them a matte finish.

The manufacturing process for these black matte finish faucets makes them a little more sensitive than other faucet types, so you need to be careful. Learning how to clean matte a black faucet will help prolong its use and keep the style the way you want.

A clean black matte faucet

How to Take Care of Your Matte Black Faucet?

Here are some excellent tips to keep your matte black faucet looking as good as new:

The Dos

  • The best way to clean your matte black faucet is warm soapy water or a mild cleaner. Wet a microfiber cloth in hot water and dishwashing soap, and start by gently wiping the faucet to remove stubborn dirt. Rinse the cloth thoroughly and repeat.
  • Use a soft microfiber cloth to clean the faucet. These will easily pick up the dust and grime that has settled down on the matte black fixture without damaging or scratching them. You can buy them at your local store or online.
  • For matte black faucets to look their best, you need to clean them regularly. If you are busy, give them a quick wipe with just water once every week. If you have hard water, you may need to clean the faucets more often to prevent the development of white crust or lime scale.
  • Before starting any cleaning regime, make sure to check with the manufacturer’s instructions so as not to damage the beautiful matte finish.
  • Take care when installing the faucet in your kitchen, as most damage is done to them during the installation phase. When you take them out of the box, ensure they are flawless with no imperfections.
  • Wipe off the taps after every usage to minimize water spots and chemical buildup.

The Don’ts

  • Do not use abrasive cleaners, detergents, rubbing alcohol, aggressive chemicals, bleach, astringents, polish, or other harsh products. If you are unsure what chemicals the cleaner has, it is best not to use them.
  • Do not let soap dish scum build up on the surfaces of the faucet. They can gradually damage the coating and diminish its matte finish.
  • Do not let dirty water and cleaning solution residue dry on the matte black faucet, as it can leave permanent stains.
Using a matte black faucet in the kitchen

Do Matte Black Faucets Show Hard Water Spots?

While dirt and dust can be seen on the dark surface of the matte black faucet, hard water spots can blend in. Water spots are less noticeable on matte-finish faucets compared to a glossy faucet finish.

But hard water deposits are noticeable on black faucets since these deposits are yellow, white, or bluish-green. Thus, these contrasts with deep hues are visible on a matte black faucet.

Do Matte Black Faucets Scratch Easily?

Matte black faucets are not damaged quickly, making them ideal for any modern kitchen. These faucets undergo rigorous coating procedures so that they do not scratch easily with use. However, the matte coating can be damaged by plumbing equipment. So ensure your plumber takes extra care when working with matte black faucets.

Do Matte Black Faucets Color Fade?

The matte finish will fade over time, but only the color will fade and not the finish itself. There is no definite timeline for it to happen, but it will depend on the overall quality of the faucet. Regardless, the matte black finish will fade slowly.


We understand kitchen black matte faucets need a little more attention than other kitchen faucet types but do not let it turn you off of them. Cleaning the faucet is simple, it shouldn’t be a chore, and you’ll be able to keep the faucets looking stunning for years.