Redoing floors is an eventuality that most homeowners will face. One which generally demands lots of planning ahead to get right. Because of this, homeowners often decide to redo the floors of different areas throughout the house at the same time. Doing so can help save time and money, and makes the overall logistics of the project much easier to handle.

This is why many people find themselves asking 

Should The Kitchen Floor Match The Living Room Floor?

Your kitchen floor should match your living room floor if you value having a consistent and cohesive design and feel for your home.

However, if you enjoy a variety of styles and having each area of your home offer a unique and engaging vibe, you should probably stay away from matching kitchen and living room floors.

This is the beauty of modern interior design philosophies, no matter what you decide to do and which style direction you take (within reason), you can’t really go wrong.

There are certain things you should keep in mind, especially when doing your kitchen floors since this is an area where safety is a concern.

Matching kitchen and living room floor

When Matching Your Kitchen And Living Room Floors

Consider that the flooring you choose for your kitchen will be a determinant factor in the overall aesthetic feel of your kitchen.

Thankfully, modern kitchen floor options are so versatile that choosing the perfect one will be easy, and allow you to lay a solid foundation for the entire design concept of the space.

Pro-Tip: Let your kitchen floor “choose” the rest of the textures and colors of the various elements that make up the kitchen design space.

Kitchen Flooring Options


Tile is one of the most popular choices in kitchen flooring today. This is because tiles are typically very durable, relatively inexpensive, and highly versatile. In other words, there is a tile choice for every design style and taste out there.

For these reasons, tiles are a fantastic choice for your living room floor as well. So, if you are interested in matching your kitchen floors with your living room floors, tile is a great option.


Marble floors can add quite a bit of exclusivity to any space that it is in. Marble is highly durable, and with proper care, it can outlast almost any other option.

As far as design elements go, marble has the ability to turn a sober environment into an elegant and upscale space.

A notable disadvantage, however, is that marble is highly porous and, as such, prone to staining.

Marble floors can give both your kitchen and living room an air of upscale elegance and luxury, but at a cost.


Laminate flooring is perfect for both your kitchen floors and living room floors, and is a wonderful option if you want your floors to match.

Laminate floors are available in a wide variety of finishes, all of which are resistant to scratching and staining.

The one important downside is that if you decide to install laminate flooring in areas of your home with high foot traffic, such as the living room, it will have reduced duration due to progressive wear and tear.

Hardwood Floor

While not traditional, wood floor in the kitchen looks great and is becoming more popular nowadays. Wood is strong, durable, and makes a much more comfortable surface to stand on if you do a lot of cooking. This type of flooring is definitely your best bet if have an open floor plan you are trying to use the same flooring throughout your entire house. On top of that, hardwood floors will go a long way to complement your kitchen cabinets, just make sure it is not too much.

Coordinate flooring between rooms

Matching Vs Coordinating

If you care about cohesiveness and overall integration in your living space, matching kitchen and living room floors is not the only option. You can choose to have different flooring in a coordinating design instead.

Coordinating designs will give you a significantly greater degree of stylistic and aesthetic freedom when choosing the various complementary elements in both the kitchen and living room.

Additionally, coordinating designs when redoing your floors will allow you to express your unique vision through a variety of shapes, textures, and finishes.