Raised floors offer several highly useful perks like storage/operational flexibility and improved air circulation, all while being highly durable and aesthetically pleasing. While they are the commonplace in a data center, this high access floor can be a great option in some residential settings.

However, the cost of installing a raised floor varies depending on a number of factors, such as size, materials, and complexity, generally speaking, raised floor systems tend to be more expensive than more traditional options.

As such, maintenance becomes especially important. So today, we are going to cover how to clean raised floor tiles, regardless of type.

Removing a Raised Tile for cleaning

How Do You Clean Raised Floor Tiles?

Raised floor cleaning can be a challenge but proper maintenance and care for your raised floor system is a must, If you follow the easy steps below, you can clean your raised floor tiles without much hassle regardless of the type.:

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly suck up any larger dirt and debris. It is important to vacuum the floor prior to moping to remove any contaminant that can cause abrasions to the floor surface.
  2. Next, mop your tiles using a floor cleaner You can use your favorite commercial cleaning chemicals or a mixture of dish soap and clean water (¼ cup of soap per gallon of water produces the best results). Make sure to start mopping at the farthest corner and work your way out to ensure a totally clean surface.
  3. Work your way back in while rinsing the soapy solution out of the raised floor tiles. This is very important to avoid the creation of unsightly smudges and streaks.
  4. If the space beneath your raised floor tiles is used to run cables or some other type of electronic equipment, it is important to watch the amount of liquid you use to mop as you won’t want the liquid to seep into the space beneath the tiles.
  5. Especially dirty raised floor tiles will require a round of heavy scrubbing. The more ingrained and built-up the dirt and grime on your tiles, the more vigorously you will need to scrub. You may also need to mop after each scrubbing.
  6. If your raised floor tiles are stained, use a solution of diluted bleach or a commercial tile stain remover.

Cleaning your raised floor tiles is an essential part of the floor’s maintenance so establishing a regular clean-up routine will be important.

Clean your Raised Tiles often

How Often Should You Clean Your Raised Floor Tiles?

It is important to keep in mind that some types of tile are more delicate than others, and may require more gentle cleaning methods. Nevertheless, you should clean your raised floor tiles about once per week for the best results.

This frequency will keep dirt, dust, and other debris from accumulating on the surface of your tiles under normal use circumstances.

If your raised floor tiles experience higher-than-usual foot traffic, you may have to clean them more frequently at about twice per week.

In the event of a spill on raised floor tiles, it is crucial to act immediately to prevent the spilled liquid from causing damage to anything found in the space beneath the raised floor.

Use a clean and dry cloth to blot or soak up the spill, then clean the tiles using the methods outlined above. If the spill is not particularly large you can use a damp cloth to clean it instead.