High Gloss tiles are a fantastic addition to any home. They provide homeowners with tons of design options, create the illusion of spaciousness, and increase the natural brightness and airiness of any room.

However, a surprising number of people won’t consider high gloss tiles for their homes because of a misplaced concern that cleaning them will be difficult.

Are High Gloss Tiles Hard To Keep Clean?

No, Not at all. Cleaning high gloss tiles is nearly effortless. All it takes is regular wiping down with a clean cloth and a high-quality cleaning solution.

The only special consideration you must make is that due to their glossy nature, high gloss tiles are highly susceptible to smears and smudges of grease and grime.

To avoid these unsightly blemishes on your beautiful high gloss tiles, make sure to rinse all traces of the cleaning solution with clean water, and dry with a soft cloth. I strongly recommend against air drying because doing so will increase the chances of smears, smudges, and watermarks.

Be very mindful of the types of cleaning products that you use on your high gloss tiles. There are plenty of abrasive cleaning solutions on the market that are ideal for cleaning most surfaces; however, their abrasive nature can easily damage the high-gloss finish.

Wiping Clean Some High Gloss Tiles

A mild cleaner is all you require. If you are not sure how strong or abrasive your cleaning solution is, I suggest you dilute it by half. After all, you’d rather be better safe than sorry.

If you make a habit of cleaning your high gloss tiles often and take care to do so using the tips above, your tiles will last you a very long time and will look as pristine and shiny as they did on their first day.

Don’t let the cleaning requirements of high gloss tiles stop you from considering them for your kitchen or bathroom. Cleaning high gloss tiles is surprisingly easy as long as a couple of special considerations are made.

As it turns out, how to clean them is not the only common concern people have about high gloss tiles.

What Should You Clean Your High Gloss Tiles With?

We recommend Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner (from Amazon) for cleaning all your high gloss tiles.

Don’t let the name fool you. It is not just for floors. This is a multi-purpose cleaner that as the name suggests, brings a shine to all your surfaces. It is eco-friendly and safe to use on wood, tiles, stone, laminate, and, LVT.

If you are looking for that extra shine, follow up with a coating of Quick Shine Multi-Surface Finish. It is a must-have combination for shiny tiles, either on the wall or on the floor

Quick Shine Multi Surface Floor Cleaner 27oz | Ready to Use, Dirt Dissolving, Streak Free, No Rinse | Use on Hardwood, Laminate, Luxury Vinyl Plank LVT, Tile & Stone | Safer Choice Cleaner
  • EASY TO USE| READY TO USE: Simply squirt and spread - Formula also works perfectly with our Quick Shine Spray Mop and other floor cleaning machines
  • PREMIUM FLOOR CARE: Quick Shine Floor Cleaners offer premium dirt dissolving, plant-based cleaning plus the cleaning power of natural baking soda
  • CLEAN AND REFRESH: Naturally cleans dirt, grease and scuff marks without harsh alkalis or ammonia

Are High Gloss Tiles More Slippery Than Other Types?

While the chance of slipping on high gloss floor tiles exists, it is not that much higher than on other types of tiles. This is especially true if the tile is wet or if your footwear is prone to slippage such as socks or shoes with smooth soles.

The only way to significantly minimize or reduce the chance of slipping on floor tile is to opt for special non-slip finishes that are more matte.

The downside to non-slip tiles is that their roughened texture makes them much harder to clean than their easy-to-clean high gloss counterparts. Additionally, they will not provide your home with anywhere near as much brightness and shine as high gloss tiles are known to do.

Are High Gloss Tiles Prone To Scratching?

Yes, high gloss tiles are more likely to scratch and suffer surface damage than other common types of tiles. This is because the high-gloss finish with which they are painted has low scratch resistance.

So, if you want to maintain your high gloss floor tiles free of visible scratches for as long as possible, you will need to make sure to sweep and vacuum them free of dust, dirt, crumbs, and other types of small debris that can damage the delicate finish if left unchecked.

Make sure that you sweep and vacuum BEFORE you mop or wipe the tiles down with a cloth. Otherwise, the tiny and often difficult-to-see specks of dust and dirt will be worked into the tiles by the mopping or wiping motions, thus significantly increasing the chance to scratch the surface.

Are High Gloss Tiles Expensive?

Another common concern that people consider high gloss tiles for their home is their cost. But, are high gloss tiles expensive when compared to the types of tiles?

High gloss tiles are not expensive, relatively speaking. There is a wide variety of options to allow just about anyone to find tiles to match their aesthetic sensibilities and budget

Are High Gloss Tiles Expensive?

Keep in mind, however, that there is a difference between high gloss tiles and the more expensive polished tiles.

Polished tiles are created and treated via a much more involved process that involves polishing stones. On the other hand, high gloss tiles are created via an easier process that involves applying a high-gloss coating.

Nevertheless, if you are concerned that high gloss tiles are going to break your budget, you can put those worries to rest.

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