If you thought that shampoo was only good for cleaning and moisturizing your hair, you’re about to learn just how wrong you were.

So go grab your shampoo bottle and get ready to learn about a bunch of different, unexpected, and quite frankly, highly useful things you can do with your shampoo.

Can You Use Shampoo To Wash Dishes?

Yes, you can use shampoo to wash your dirty dishes. This is because both shampoo and dishwashing detergent are equally effective at trapping oil and grease, and allowing it to be washed away with water.

Furthermore, your average shampoo is going to be far gentler on your skin than your average dish soap, so if washing dishes regularly dries out the skin of your hands and fingers, shampoo is a great alternative.

This also means that you can use liquid dish soap to wash your hair. However, dishwashing soap can leave your hair overly dry, so I can only recommend that you do this as a last resort unless you want to end up with straw-textured hair.

It is also worth noting that most normal shampoo products do not contain any anti-bacterial ingredients. You might also want to keep your shampoo away from the dishwasher or you will end up with a big foaming mess.

But that’s not all. Shampoo is a wonderfully versatile cleaning product that you can use in pinch. Let’s look at some of the other uses for shampoo you may not have known.

Can You Use Shampoo To Wash Your Car?

You can use shampoo to wash your car because your shampoo’s ability to remove grease and dirt will work just as effectively on your car’s exterior as it will on your head.

Can You Use Shampoo To Clean Your Car?

To use shampoo to clean your car, take a quarter cup of shampoo and pour it into a bucket of clean warm water to create a very soft sudsy cleaner with which to wash the dirt out of your car’s exterior.

To get rid of more stubborn and difficult to remove stains or smudges, you can apply a squirt of pure shampoo directly to a soft sponge or cloth and use it to rub out the offending dirt.

Can You Use Shampoo To Care For Your Leather Clothing Items?

If you have shampoo on hand you won’t need expensive oils to bring your valuable leather items such as leather shoes, leather handbags, leather jackets, etc., back to life. You can use just a little bit of shampoo and a clean rag and rub to clean and add moisture back.

Simply rub a bit of shampoo into the areas that have started to show wear in a slow circular motion to bring color and natural shine.

Can You Use Shampoo To Soften Your Hands or Feet?

Shampoo is one of the best products you can use to soften sensitive hands and feet. If you suffer from dry skin on your hands and feet, or if you have tough calluses and want to soften them up, shampoo is a great alternative to more expensive specialized skin-care creams.

To soften your hands with shampoo, simply replace your regular bar of hand soap with a shampoo of your choice and wash your hands as you normally would.

Use Shampoo To Soften Your Hands or Feet

To soften the drying tough skin of your feet, rub some shampoo into the roughest patches of skin on your feet, and then cover your feet with soft socks overnight. Do this and your feet will feel super soft and silky in the morning.

If you’re looking to revitalize the delicate skin of your hands or feet, shampoo is an effective, readily available, and inexpensive option.

Can You Use Shampoo To Clean Your Bathroom?

You can use shampoo to clean a surprising number of things around your bathroom.

For example, if you have some soap scum residue built-up around your bathtub or bathroom sink, you can just rub shampoo and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it away, to leave behind a clean tub or bathroom sink.

You can also use shampoo to clean shower doors or shower curtains that have become cloudy with muck and soapy residues. To do so, take some shampoo and rub it all over whatever surface you wish to clean, and then rinse with some clean water.

Can Substitute Shampoo for Shaving Cream?

Both men and women can substitute shampoo for shaving cream, and achieve the same or even better results. This is because shampoo does a fantastic job at generating a very frothy lather that can help you shave any body part with ease.

Substitute Shampoo for Shaving Cream

And, if you mix in some conditioner with your shampoo before lathering up, you will leave your skin feeling super soft and moisturized.

All of these uses for shampoo are of course substitutes. You are generally going to see better results with the original product designed to do the job, but it is good to know that shampoo is so versatile when it comes to cleaning up around the home.