Ajax dish soap is a popular brand known for its effective cleaning abilities. It removes grime, stains, and grease from utensils, kitchen surfaces, bathroom surfaces, cars, and other household items. It can also be used as a gentle option for washing your delicate clothing items.  

However, many people who have pets might not know the risks of using it around the home. 

Buts how safe is Ajax really? And

Is Ajax Dish Soap Safe for Cats?

Ajax dish soap is not safe for your cats and you should never consider using it for bathing your cat. Ajax contains synthesized chemicals that can leave your cat’s skin vulnerable to infections.

According to the  Ajax website, the soap should not be used on yourself, let alone your pets.

Ajax dish soap is not an alternative to regular cat-safe shampoo when it comes to routine baths. As Ajax dish soap strips grease from your utensils and dishware, it can also remove the natural oil from your cat’s skin and hair.

Bathing your cat with Ajax soap can burn or cause the oily skin to turn dry. It can cause skin infections, and worst, the chemicals from the detergent can be absorbed into their bloodstream, leading to serious harm.

All dish soaps, including Ajax, leave some residue on their coat even after rinsing and drying your cat. Your cat may ingest some Ajax by licking, making them sick.

Use proper pet shampoo when washing your cat

Also, if you try to bathe your cat using Ajax, it may not like its smell. The fragrance of the dish soap may be pleasing for us but will be very uncomfortable and strong for your pet’s sensitive nose. He/She may put up a fight.

Why Do Some People Use Ajax Dish Soap on Cats?

One of the biggest reasons why people use Ajax dish soap is because it is much cheaper than cat shampoo and its convenience. They do not have to add anything extra to their shopping list to bathe their cat with. 

Apart from the actual cost of the products, convenience is another reason. Chances are they already have Ajax soap at home and can bathe their cat anytime without realizing they have run out of cat shampoo. 

Is Ajax Dish Soap Effective in Killing Fleas?

Properly diluted, Ajax dish soap can effectively kill fleas on your cat. The dish soap acts as a surfactant that damages the fleas’ exoskeletons and kills them. It will also destroy most flea eggs.

Although it works, I would recommend against using Ajax dish soap to kill fleas even as a  temporary solution. Using Ajax dish will not prevent future flea outbreaks and should never be used as it can strip your cat’s skin of its natural oils and dry out its skin.

What If My Cat Ingests Some Dish Soap by Mistake?

In case your cat ingests a large amount of dish soap, you may observe symptoms like vomiting. It means they are trying to flush out the chemicals from their body.

If the vomiting does not stop and you observe other symptoms such as diarrhea or lethargy, you need to call an emergency vet and book an appointment with them immediately.

If left uncared for, dish soap could cause poisoning and even be fatal for your cat.

A cat full of soap suds

Is Ajax Dish Soap Safe to Keep Around Cats?

You should keep your Ajax out of reach of your cat. As I said, they will likely not like the smell, but cats tend to smell and ingest strange objects, just like children.

You should keep the Ajax dish soap sealed and out of reach for your cats. Keep it stored on a closed shelf that your cats cannot reach easily. 

Thus, make sure to store Ajax dish soap and other cleaning supplies in a safe place that is out of reach for your cats. 

Options For Cleaning Your Cats

Cats are actually very good at keeping themselves clean. There are however times when you need to use an over-the-counter solution to clean your pet.

Ajax soap may be cheap and easy to find, but it is not right to risk your cat’s health. It is essential to use products that are specifically designed for cats. There are a plethora of products available in the market that are hypoallergenic, like Breezytail PetO’Cera Cat Shampoo (from Amazon).

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Even though you may be tempted to use dish soap for bathing your cat as it is cheap and easily available, it is not the right solution for your cat’s coat. Not only can it cause serious infection to their skin, but it can enter their bloodstream through licking. Please use a proper cat soap or shampoo.

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