Do you have stainless-steel cutlery and utensils just sitting in your kitchen drawer taking up space?

You may be wondering if you can recycle your stainless steel collection and put it to better use.

Can You Recycle Stainless Steel Cutlery?

Yes, you can recycle stainless-steel cutlery. All stainless steel is recyclable. It is one of the top benefits of stainless-steel cutlery apart from its physical properties.

The main alloys in stainless steel are chromium, nickel, manganese, and molybdenum, to name a few. You can also find certain additional components, such as carbon and silicon. All these alloys are extremely valuable and can easily be recovered with recycling.

When recycled, stainless steel cutlery is melted down to extract the different elements that are then sent to different factories for use as raw materials. About 69% of the stainless-steel products you use are made from recycled stainless steel.

recycling steel utensils

Why is Cutlery Generally Made of Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is a durable and long-lasting material, making it perfect for everyday use. Stainless steel can withstand high temperatures, is resistant to water, and can be washed in dishwashers. It also keeps a lasting shine and is low maintenance.

Can You Put Stainless Steel Cutlery in the Recycling Bin?

Yes, you can put cutlery in your recycling bin. However, it is important to take proper precautions when putting knives in the curbside recyclable bin so they do not cause any injury to service people.

Packaging your knives securely in a newspaper or cardboard box before putting them into the bin would be best. You can also choose to take your stainless-steel cutlery to your local waste disposal center, where they scrap metals.

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How is Stainless Steel cutlery Recycled?

Sophisticated and specialized machinery is required in recycling stainless steel products, including cutlery. Once scrap is collected from local recycling facilities, it is fed into a large shredder that breaks it down into smaller pieces.

The small pieces are then sorted according to their type using chemicals before they are packed and loaded for shipping to different stainless-steel mills. Here, they are melted into valuable raw materials that are processed and then reused. 

Is Recycled Stainless Steel Any Good?

Stainless steel is one of the top recycled materials in the world. Most manufacturers of stainless steel use recycled materials as their raw materials. they have spent years learning the art of new and recycled stainless steel.

Technological advancement makes it possible to turn old stainless-steel cutlery and other utensils into raw materials for different products. The recycled stainless steel has the same quality, durability, and high strength as the original material.

Old stainless steel knifes and forks

How Much Do I Get for Selling Stainless Steel Cutlery at Recycling Centers?

The price of the scrap stainless steel cutlery will depend on the current market price. Some of the factors that will influence its prices include industrial demand, the current economy, and the condition of the stainless-steel cutlery, among others.

Remember, stainless steel scrap is always in demand. So, it is worth your time and effort to reach out to your local metal recycling centers to receive a quote if you have a big load of it.

Stainless steel is a common material used to make cutlery. It is impossible not to own cutlery made from it. Though stainless-steel cutlery is quite durable, it won’t last forever. Now that you know stainless steel can be recycled, you can make an informed choice on how to recycle it.