Interior design and home renovation can be quite the undertaking, involving difficult style decisions and complex logistical know-how.

It can be an overwhelming decision, even if you rely on the services of professionals. This is why many people choose to plan multiple projects concurrently, such as doing their bathroom and kitchen at the same time.

Cabinets, counters, sinks, tiles. The rooms do have a lot in common. Combining the projects has the potential to save you time and money; but, it may leave you wondering,

Should Your Bathroom Match Your Kitchen?

They do not have to match, but they should. Having your bathroom match your kitchen can provide a sense of cohesion and overhaul harmony in your home.

However, there are no rules set in stone that say different rooms in your home have to match.

The important thing to remember is that your home’s design should be a reflection of your personal taste, and as long as you are happy and satisfied with the outcome, there is no wrong way to go about it.

There are a few things you should consider if you want to make the best of a matching kitchen/bathroom redesign project.

Matching kitchen and bathroom

Things To Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom And Kitchen At The Same Time


Lighting is one of the areas where you should probably lean towards a complementary or matching setup between your kitchen and your bathroom. This is because the sort of activities we regularly perform in these spaces require the same sort of bright, even lighting to eliminate shadows and dark corners.

Additionally, when thinking about the sort of light fixtures that you will install in your bathroom and kitchen, you should think about safety. In this regard, you should consider lighting that does not sacrifice safety over aesthetic appeal.

Bathroom and kitchen lighting should be even, functional, and as conventional as possible. This will give you more freedom in the sort of activities that you will be able to perform. I recommend that you favor cooler light to promote a crisp and fresh feeling.

You should also consider embedded spotlights over single sources of light to further diffuse light into as much area as possible. You must favor tech that turns on quickly, such as LEDs or halogen bulbs since it facilitates use and promotes longevity as these sorts of lights are resistant to repeated use.


Choosing the ideal colors for your kitchen and bathroom, and deciding whether they should match, can be an overwhelming experience for many people. Even if you are just thinking of accenting a single wall, it is important to consider a few important style factors.

Choose matching colors

For example, you should consider the colors used by the fixed elements in these spaces such as the floor, tiles, cabinets, and countertops. Generally speaking, using color variations of these elements as a basis for the main color scheme is the most sensible way to go.

Bathrooms and kitchens are very flexible when it comes to color experimentation due to their typically smaller dimensions and limited wall real estate. I recommend choosing one color and using that to paint all of the walls, as this typically makes the space feel bigger.

You may choose either a warm and vibrant color, or a soft soothing hue, depending on your personal tastes. Just remember that a unified color scheme fades away defining lines, enhances a space’s comfort level, and makes it feel overall larger.


The kitchen and bath areas of your home require the implementation of practical and functional environments. This means that you should consider using resistant and hygienic materials when remodeling these spaces.

My favorite material to use in both the kitchen and the bathroom is granite.

Granite is a stone that has an entirely natural origin and is characterized by its premium texture and the large variety of colors it offers. This means that with granite you have easy access to a large number of style combinations with other finishes inside the kitchen or bathroom.

Granite is a great choice for these spaces due to its natural resistance to changes in temperature and impacts, its high degree of durability, and how easy it is to clean and properly maintain.

Should Your Bathroom Match Your Kitchen?

Final Word On Matching Your Bathroom With Your Kitchen

Whether you choose to match your kitchen and bathrooms is a highly personal choice that only you can make.

Complimentary designs in your tile, counters, and cabinets will give your home a cohesive feeling, and make for a unified user experience with a singular flow.

However, under most normal circumstances, your kitchen and bathroom will be completely separate rooms with potentially wholly different vibes. This means that not having matching bathrooms and kitchens, will not negatively impact your household in the least bit.

Remember, it’s your home. Do with it as you best see fit.