Most of us have one, but few of us know where in history lies its origins.

The kitchen table is arguably a very important focal point in our lives, with so many of our treasured memories taking place around them. But, have you ever wondered 

Who Invented The Kitchen Table?

The kitchen table as we know it was invented by a man named Henry A. Jackson in October of 1896. We know this because that was the year that Mr. Jackson filed and received a patent for his invention

The aim was to provide household cooks with a central focal point around which to organize and anchor their culinary and preparation efforts in a time when it wasn’t common to have.

While the first tables ever created, predate Mr. Jackson’s patented design by thousands of years, it was his vision and foresight that gave shape to modern kitchen tables across America.

But It’s Just a Table!

Henry A. Jackson’s ability to identify the need for a kitchen table was a stroke of genius. The inventor developed the kitchen table’s seemingly simple design that belies the significance of what it provides home cooks across America. 

For many people, the kitchen table is much more than a flat surface on which to eat food. For many the kitchen table signifies time spent with family, it reminds them of heartfelt conversations and emotive moments.

This is why buying a kitchen table is a much more important decision than it seems. Tables have come a long way since 1896. If you are in the market for a new table, here are some tips to help you find the perfect kitchen table for your home.

Important Aspects To Consider When Buying A Kitchen Table

What To Consider When Buying A Kitchen Table


The first thing you should consider when deciding which kitchen table to purchase is what type of usage you will give it. Not everyone will have the same expectations or requirements, so making an effort to identify this aspect will save you from a ton of hassle down the line.

For example, consider that if you want a kitchen table for the primary purpose of daily family dining, your requirements will be different than those of someone who is looking for a kitchen table to study and do some homework on.

Your expected usage will inform the most important features and characteristics of your new kitchen table.


The next thing you must consider when choosing your next kitchen table is how much space you have in your kitchen, as this will determine how big or small of a table you should purchase.

The space you have to play with is just as important as the intended usage you will give your kitchen table. Even if you hope to eat full family meals on a large kitchen table, if the available space does not permit it, you will have to settle for a smaller model.

For this reason, it is important to have a very clear and precise notion of how much space you have in your kitchen for your new kitchen table before purchasing it. In a tight situation, your kitchen table can act as an extension of your counter.

Pro-Tip: Consider a foldable or extending kitchen table if your place has limited kitchen space.

Ease To Clean

Cleanliness in a kitchen is of paramount importance, and it is something that you must take into account when choosing your next kitchen table.

To do so, you must consider the advantages and disadvantages of your next kitchen table’s material. For example, wood tables will require more care and careful use than tables made out of glass.

If you have small children, then I recommend that you opt for materials that are easy to clean and more resistant to wear and tear, such as polycarbonate or metal.


The last thing you will want to consider before making your final purchase is how well your next table will fit into your current design aesthetic.

Thankfully, these days it is extremely easy to find varied and affordable options to fit just about any style, from contemporary to classic to retro to farmhouse to traditional.

The bottom line is that choosing a kitchen table that is right for you will be a very intimate and personal endeavor. You will have to get out there and look at the hundreds of options available. Ultimately, you will want to follow your instincts and choose a table that simply feels right for you.

The perfect kitchen table design