Most people don’t think much about their knives when they are not using them. But, when you own knives there are a few aspects that are important enough to deserve some serious thought and consideration.

Learning to transport kitchen knives, for example, is just such a thing because doing so haphazardly can result in ruined knives and/or injury.

Today I am going to give you some much-needed tips when it comes time to travel and transport your kitchen knives, and how to store them once you get to your destination.

The first time they have to travel with knives most people are hit with the realization that they have no clue how to store and transport these sharp-bladed objects. 

Kitchen Knives that are not correctly transported represent a risk to their owners and anyone else who handles them.

Thankfully, transporting knives is not quite as challenging as these people might imagine.

How Do You Transport Kitchen Knives Safely?

There are a few methods to transport knives safely. These include knife rolls, carrying cases, knife bags, knife sheaths, etc., all of which are great options. The best option, however, will depend on your specific circumstances such as the size of your knives, the total number of knives you want to transport, etc.

Depending on these characteristics, some of these methods will leave your kitchen knives more vulnerable than others, and more prone to suffering blows and damage to their delicate blades.  For example, if you are transporting a large number of knives, you may want to choose a product that has been specifically designed and engineered to protect them.

The most appropriate cases I’ve found are those made in the shape of a book. These rectangular cases are usually tanned leather or canvas and have soft interiors with individual slots for multiple knives in which the blades fit snuggly and are protected from unwanted bumps and scratches.

Sheaths are also great, especially if your knives are on the larger end of the spectrum. These sheathe resemble a protective shell in which knives fit snuggly. However, I only use sheaths when transporting one or two knives. More than that, sheaths become impractical.

Either one of these two products offers excellent protection for your kitchen knives and is the best way to transport them safely.

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How To Pack And Ship Your Knives Safely

What about if you have to ship your knives?

If you plan to ship kitchen knives and other bladed objects across states or cross country, you need to pay special attention to how you pack them.

Follow these basic packing tips to protect your kitchen knives when you ship them.

Secure the cover with tape, then wrap your sheaths tightly with bubble wrap and place inside a cardboard shipping box.

Place each knife in its corresponding sheath. Make sure that the knife does not move around freely inside the sheath. However, keep in mind that if the sheath is too small and the knife is too tight inside, it might end up cutting through the material.

You can double pack your knives for shipping

Fill the empty spaces with cushioning material in such a way that your sheathed knives do not move or rattle inside the box.

Close the box and secure it with packing tape.

Kitchen knives are considered necessary tools, so their shipment is accepted by the USPS as long as they have been safely and securely packed. However, if you plan to ship outside the US, you need to check the individual laws of your intended destination.

Something to keep in mind when shipping knives is that blade length can determine if your kitchen knife can be legally shipped. Always check postal regulations before mailing a kitchen knife to make certain that it won’t get confiscated by the authorities.

How To Store Your Knives Once You Get To Your Destination

So now that you’ve transported or shipped your knives, you must learn to store them properly to extend their useful life as much as possible.

Most people will simply keep their kitchen knives strewn about inside a kitchen cabinet drawer with their other cutlery items. However, this is arguably the worst method of storing knives.

If you care about the longevity of your professional kitchen knives and want their blades to remain as sharp as possible for as long as possible, it is important to store them so that you prevent them from hitting other objects.

To properly store knives, you must place them in a place that is secure and isolated from other hard metallic objects. The most common method is a kitchen knife block. My favorite method, however, is the sleek and simple magnetic strip.

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