One of the best design techniques at your disposal when defining the color scheme of your kitchen is the combination of two or more tones. This will allow you to avoid the pitfall of creating a monotonous environment that lacks visual contrast, and incidentally give your kitchen a very personal touch.

To do this successfully you need to think clearly and purposefully about what colors to paint your kitchen cabinets.

This is especially relevant when you have brown granite counters, as brown granite is warm and earthy; an elegant combination of brown and black undertones with small flecks of light tan gray. While beautiful, brown granite tends to have a dominant presence in any room.

For this reason, I’ve compiled a list of the best colors with which to paint your kitchen cabinets when you have a brown granite countertop.

What Color To Paint Kitchen Cabinets With Brown Granite Countertops?

To find the best match for your brown granite countertops you will want to paint your cabinets with colors that help to make your kitchen look bright and cheery.

A nifty trick is to select a color present in the veining pattern of the granite and use that as the base color for your cabinets, but you will find that white, beige, green, yellow, orange, and teal will be the best matches with brown granite.

Best Colors To Match With Brown Granite Countertops


White cabinets are arguably the safer choice, but they will also be the most elegant and timeless. White cabinets never go out of fashion, and they are versatile enough to work with just about any style of kitchen.

White goes with any colour countertops

Moreover, white cabinets are easy to accessorize, and the deep earthly shades of brown granite will pop against a brighter white background.


Green is one of the easiest ways to add freshness to your kitchen cabinets and, when combined with the earthy tones of brown, can create a sense of connection with nature.

Green is also associated with sensations of peace and harmony, and it has been proven to promote concentration and learning ability. There are also so many shades of green that just about anybody will be able to find a green shade that fits well with their preferred aesthetic.

Personally, I think that brown granite matches best with soft minty greens or dark shades of green such as opal.


Yellow is a striking, cheerful, and highly attractive color. While not all types of yellow will sit well with your brown granite countertops, a plethora of yellow tones is more than apt for your kitchen cabinets.

Paint your cabinets yellow to match a brown granite counter

I would recommend electric yellows and other intense tones, but it all depends on your personality and the vibe you wish to create.

The bottom line is that yellow is a strong color, full of energy and vitality, and it matches very well with the serenity and sobriety of brown granite.


Orange is another of my favorite colors to paint cabinets to combine with brown granite. Orange infuses brown with energy, strength, and a sense of joy. Additionally, it goes very well with light and darker shades of brown granite.


Beige is another wonderful option for your kitchen cabinets. Like white, beige never goes out of style, so it will let you create an elegant and timeless look.

Beige cupboards to match brown granite counters

Beige is highly versatile in terms of color matches, so you will be able to create myriad exciting combinations. Additionally, beige inspires restfulness and gives off a homey vibe.


Finally, I present you with teal, one of the most underrated colors to combine with brown granite. Teal is a not-quite green, not-quite blue color that gives kitchens with brown counters a cool, refreshing ambiance.

The contrast between the teal cabinets and the more subdued shades of brown granite vividly pops.

So there we have it. Several great ideas to help you choose the right color for your kitchen cabinet. Matching brown granite is not a hard task as there are many options for your cabinets. Just don’t forget how your wall and tile color fits into things as well.