Painting your kitchen is a quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive DIY way to give one of your home’s most important interiors a fresh new look.

Sometimes, however, the task can be made a bit more difficult by kitchen cabinets that are mounted too high to reach easily.

Thankfully, there are a few tricks at your disposal to make sure you cover every surface that you need. Here is

How To Reach Above Your Kitchen Cabinets to Paint

There are 3 easy ways to reach tight spots of the ceiling and space above your kitchen cabinets when painting

  • Use a paint roller
  • Use a paint sprayer
  • Use a paintbrush extender

Before you start painting above your kitchen cabinets, there is some prepping to do.

Prep Before You Paint

Like all home projects, painting your kitchen and reaching above your kitchen cabinets to paint requires some prepping to get the best results and minimize the risk of unforeseen consequences.

So, before you start painting, take the time to prepare your kitchen’s various surfaces. Doing so will save you time and frustration down the road.

Start by removing any loose items from the tops of the cabinets, as well as anything that is normally stored within them. Next, make sure you clean any surfaces that you want to paint and cover any surfaces you don’t want to get stained with a new paint job such as floors, countertops, backsplash, the front of cabinetry, etc.

By taking the time to properly prep the kitchen before you start painting above your cabinets, you will ensure a good result. So don’t skip the prep work and it will pay off in the end.

Once you’ve prepped the area, it’s time to start painting above your kitchen cabinets. Let’s learn about the available tools to help you do just that.

A paint roller is a good way to get above kitchen cabinets

Methods To Paint Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

Paint Roller

Using a paint roller attached to a long handle to paint the spaces above your kitchen cabinets is highly recommended. The paint roller will allow you to cover larger surfaces more quickly and more efficiently, so you will save time and paint.

Additionally, a paint roller makes it very easy to achieve a more even surface finish since you won’t leave behind visible brush strokes, which is important because kitchens generally receive a high amount of traffic and any imperfections will be easily visible.

Finally, using a paint roller to paint above your kitchen cabinets will significantly help you rescue accidental drips and splatters on top of your cabinets. As such, you will enjoy a cleaner and easier experience.

Paint Sprayer

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint SprayerThe second handy tool you can use to make painting above your kitchen cabinets easier and more manageable is a paint sprayer, such as this airless paint sprayer from Magnum (on Amazon).

Much like the paint roller, the paint sprayer will significantly reduce the time and effort it takes to paint above too-high kitchen cabinets.

With a paint sprayer, you can cover large areas of the wall very quickly and do so without worrying about unsightly brush strokes and inconvenient drips.

You can also reach high above your kitchen cabinets and spray paint unthinned at high pressure and with a continuous spray, straight from the can. This will keep your work area clean, which is very important when painting above and around expensive kitchen cabinets

Overall, considering that a paint sprayer can easily reach distant surfaces, it can be a very convenient tool for painting above your kitchen cabinets.

Paint Brush Extender

McCauley Tools -REVOLVER- Multi Position Paint Brush and Paint Roller Extender/HolderA paintbrush extender is one of the most useful and productive tools you can have in your home. And when it comes to painting high above your kitchen cabinets no tool will provide you with as much agency and control as a paintbrush armed with an extender.

Something like this Revolver Professional Paint Brush Extender Tool from MacCauley (on Amazon) lets you extend your reach by several feet without sacrificing the level of control you have over the brush.

Furthermore, the paintbrush extender lets you easily adjust your paintbrush’s position to make sure you cover every angle high above your kitchen cabinet.

Finally, using a paintbrush extender to paint above your kitchen cabinets is one of the safer options available because you can completely remove the need for a ladder or step tool.

Final Words On Painting Above Cabinets

Painting above your kitchen cabinets is a simple task that can become more complicated depending on your height and the height of your kitchen cabinets. Since your primary concern for this task is your reach, you are going to want to avail yourself of tools that extend your reach.

Simple tools like a paint roller with a long handle, a paint sprayer, or a paintbrush extender, can easily and quickly extend your reach by several feet. Thus, simplifying the process.

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