Copper tea kettles have been an integral part of kitchens around the world for many years thanks to their timeless aesthetic, resistance, and ability to save you considerable time in the kitchen.

Whether you get a thick kettle with a copper exterior and tin interior, or the thinner, copper-lined stainless steel kettles, you are going to want to get one worth the investment. For that reason, I’ve prepared a list of what I consider to be the 10 best copper tea kettles available today.

What Makes A Copper Tea Kettle Great?

When coming up with this list, I looked at several variables to determine which copper kettles were worth consideration and which ones would make the final cut. These are the things you should consider when buying a copper kettle:

  • Capacity
  • Type and make of the handle
  • Presence of any exterior lining
  • Aesthetic design
  • Price

It’s pretty simple. If the capacity and price are right, it is mostly going to come down to what style you like. I’m sure you will find a teapot below that fits your needs. in no particular order, here are the 

10 Best Copper Tea Kettles

Cuisinart CTK-S17MCP Aura 2-Quart Teakettle

Cuisinart CTK-S17MCP Aura 2-Quart Teakettle

This first copper tea kettle on the list is one of the most popular options available.

Made by one of the world’s premiere home appliance brands, Cuisinart, this copper tea kettle (from Amazon) is a well-balanced option for the majority of people out there.

In terms of capacity, this Cuisinart copper tea kettle has a 2-quart capacity. This equals about 8 cups or 2 liters of water, so you will always have enough hot water boiled regardless of what you are preparing.

The soft plastic handle is very ergonomic, which makes using and handling this large kettle a pleasure. Comfort is important when you are dealing with boiling liquids, after all, you don’t want to grab a handle that causes discomfort and could potentially make you spill hot liquids all over your kitchen.

A nice little touch that Cuisinart has included here is the pleasant whistling sound that reliably signals your kettle is done.

When it comes to construction, it is important to note that this is not a copper kettle through and through. Cuisinart uses high-grade stainless steel to make the body and added a copper finish on top. The interior lining is made out of an anti-reactive coating to make sure that the kettle stays safe for a long time.

This kettle’s underside has a circular indentation, yet the inner portion comes out flush to the outer ridge. Therefore, the bottom is not flat, per se, making it great for induction-style stoves.

The cherry on top is a limited lifetime warranty from an established brand.

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Barista Warrior Gooseneck Kettle

Barista Warrior Gooseneck Kettle for Pour Over Coffee and Tea with Thermometer

The next product on the list aims to give you a more refined experience as if you were a professional barista.

The goal of makers, Barista Warrior, is to help you achieve the perfect cup by tapping into your inner barista.

The maximum capacity for this copper tea kettle is 1.2 liters or 40 fluid ounces. This makes it very versatile, and a solid choice for households of all sizes.

One of the coolest features on display here is the inclusion of a built-in thermometer. This means that you will always have the ability to achieve the perfect temperature for whatever preparation you are making.

This kettle is great for advanced coffee lovers, who need to be able to heat their water to within very specific ranges to make the optimum tasting cup of joe.

One of the defining characteristics of this copper tea kettle is the great gooseneck spout design. Making Drip Coffee or Pour-Over Tea has never been easier, and the gooseneck spout will provide you with superb precision and water flow control. You will never again pour the wrong quantity or pour at the wrong speed.

On the build side, this kettle is made with a triple-layer, premium food-grade stainless steel. This means that the kettle is highly durable and rust-resistant. A beautiful copper coating improves both the kettle’s looks and heat conductivity.

The kettle is also safe to use on most kinds of stove tops, such as gas burners, electric stoves, induction heaters, as well as halogen, and radiant stovetops.

This one also comes with a lifetime 100% customer satisfaction warranty.

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Mr. Coffee Flintshire Copper Whistling Tea Kettle

Mr. Coffee Flintshire Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle

This copper tea kettle from Mr. Coffee is another popular choice, and for good reason: it is an affordable, high-quality copper kettle with a modern design and excellent performance.

The capacity of the Mr. Coffee Flintshire copper whistling tea kettle is 1.75 quarts, so if you have a large household, or are a heavy drinker of brewed drinks, this might be too small. Otherwise, I find the size to be perfect for easy handling and convenience.

This is a well-made kettle, with a stainless steel body and copper coating as is usual. It feels very lightweight in the hands, which makes it the perfect kettle for older folk and those suffering from limited hand mobility or stiff joints.

The handle is made of a hard plastic compound, yet manages to remain comfortable to hold and stays cool to the touch throughout the heating process. The curve of the handle is very wide, so people with larger hands can easily work their hands into the space.

I particularly love the “flip-up” spout cover, which makes pouring very easy and very safe. I also love that the whistle is very loud, so even though no timer is included, you will always know when your water is ready.

The only downside I found is that this kettle is not recommended for use with dishwashers.

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Mr. Coffee Belgrove 2.5 Quart Copper Whistling Tea Kettle

Mr. Coffee Belgrove 2.5 Quart Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle

The Mr. Coffee Belgrove is the larger sibling to the Mr. Coffee Flintshire above.

The Belgrove’s 2.5-quart capacity means it is a fantastic choice for the dorm, a condo, an apartment, or your family home.

Much like its smaller sibling, the Belgrove whistling copper tea kettle provides a perfect marriage between a timeless design and a modern aesthetic. The kettle is also highly functional and is apt for all manner of burners.

The trigger and handle are made with the same stay-cool plastic compound as the smaller kettle, so you can expect the same level of performance and comfort.

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OPUX Pour Over Coffee Kettle with Gooseneck

OPUX Pour Over Coffee Kettle with Gooseneck

From Kitchenware maker Opux, we get another pour-over kettle with a distinct gooseneck design, you can expect a very controlled pour and precision-filled experience.

This glossy copper kettle has a 40 oz capacity, which is plenty enough for most households. The kettle is around ten and a half inches wide at the base, including the spout and ergonomic handle, and about 5 and a half inches tall. All in all, this kettle feels very compact and is very easy to handle, even when filled to the brim.

Durability-wise, this product from Opux is constructed using a triple-layered base of high-grade 18/8 stainless steel, with a glossy copper coating. The resulting product is completely anti-rust and highly durable.

Best of all, this kettle is very conductive so your water boils very quickly every time. And it is dishwasher safe.

Rounding out the product is the inclusion of a very handy and highly accurate temperature gauge, which means that you will always know when your water is ready to go. And, like the previous kettles on the list, this one is apt for use on a wide variety of burners and stoves.

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Fellow Stagg Stovetop Pour-Over Coffee and Tea Kettle

Fellow Stagg Stovetop Pour-Over Coffee and Tea Kettle

The Fellow Stagg stovetop pour-over copper tea kettle has one of the most elegant designs on the list.

This stovetop pour-over copper tea kettle features a stainless steel body coated in a reflective copper outer layer that improves head conductivity and a beautifully designed gooseneck for added control and precision pouring.

Capacity-wise, this kettle is on the smaller side at around 33 ounces. However, the inclusion of a precision thermometer, with a marked “perfect brew” range” means that you will always be able to prepare your favorite hot beverage in the blink of an eye.

The build is superb, with a body made out of 18/8 stainless steel that is highly resistant to all manner of corrosive substances, as well as rust. This one is also safe for

The aesthetically beautiful design and superior build made this the preferred kettle of professional baristas during the 2016 USA and Dutch Brewers Cup Champions.

The only downside here is that the price, which is a little higher than the average on this list. Still, if you are looking for a high-quality copper kettle that marries an elegant design with superb functionality, you can not go wrong with this copper kettle.

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Vintage Copper Turkish Tea Kettle

Vintage Copper Turkish TeaPot Tea Kettle Pot for Stovetop Stove Top

This is one of the most unique and beautiful tea kettles you will find on the list. It is so beautiful, in fact, that it can easily serve as an attractive centerpiece as well as a highly functional kettle.

This authentic Turkish tea kettle has been exquisitely engraved with silver details on a premium copper body. The design and detailing are so impressive and it takes real Turkish craftsmen more than 28 hours to hand paint the entire pot.

To improve heat conductivity, the interior of this copper kettle has been lined with a layer of food-grade tin metal to protect your health and that of your loved ones.

The kettle has a capacity of about 2 quarts, so it is perfect for making large batches during family dinners out when entertaining friends. The handle is made out of wood, so you need to be especially careful when washing this kettle. I would stay clear of a dishwasher and reserve this kettle for careful handwashing sessions.

The kettle comes with a free strainer, coaster, and even a decorative wallet as a gift for your purchase.

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Asahi Japanese Copper Kettle

Asahi Food Easy Studio Copper Kettle

This next copper kettle takes us from Turkey in the middle east, to Japan in the far east.

Here we find another beautiful copper kettle, this time again made out of pure copper with a tin lining the interior to prevent any nasty copper poisoning. The outside sports a traditional Japanese hammered pattern that casts a wonderful show when the kitchen lights hit it.

The lid is easily removed, and the wooden handle remains cool to the touch during use.

It is a highly functional and wonderfully gorgeous option for lovers of copper kettles. The only downside is that shipping generally takes about a month since this product comes straight from Japan.

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Chantal Harmonica Whistling Copper Kettle

Chantal Tea Kettle Classic Harmonica Whistling Teakettle

Here we have a copper kettle with an ageless design from world-renowned kitchenware manufacturer Chantal.

This kettle is made out of 18/8 stainless steel with a copper plating exterior to ensure quick boil times and extra durability.

The overall design is innovative and its stay-cool wire loop handle ensures a safe and comfortable grip. The quilted mitt included with every kettle provides extra comfort.

Nevertheless, the coolest feature of this copper kettle is its two-tone harmonica whistle which truly sings.

The Chantal brand is synonymous with quality, and this harmonica whistling copper kettle stays true to the brand.

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Denmex Handcrafted Heavy Gauge Copper Tea Kettle

Handcrafted Heavy Gauge 1mm Thick Hammered Antique Solid Copper Tea Kettle

The final item in our list of 10 best copper tea kettles comes by way of Demmex and is a worthy addition, especially for lovers of heavy-duty kettles.

This solid copper kettle has been handcrafted from heavy gauge 1mm thick solid antiquated copper. This means that this kettle is durable and resistant to damage. The interior has been lined with a non-reactive tin layer to make this kettle perfectly safe for repeated use.

Its capacity is a standard 2-quart kettle, which means it is perfect for larger households and the large handle is made out of brass and wood remains cool when in use.

This is a perfectly functional kettle, but my favorite thing about it is the beautiful craftsmanship which is close to decorative levels.

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Final Thoughts On Copper Kettles

To be honest, any one of these 10 copper tea kettles is good enough to adorn your kitchen and aid you in your day-to-day drink brewing. Just make sure that, regardless of which model you choose, you take care of your copper kettle by learning to clean and polish it properly.

While you can use an aftermarket copper cleaner, such as Twinkle’s Brass & Copper Cleaning Kit, I strongly suggest you go all natural because it is cheaper and better for your health.

Check you our guide to cleaning your copper kettle naturally.

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